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Let me say from the start…

My approach won’t do a bit of good for anyone who is seeking a magic button for attracting more new affluent clients. But if you’ve got a great service, a ton of tenacity and acres of ambition…then you need to pay attention.

Here’s what I’ve got.


"Whales Not Minnows"
Unconventional Thinking For Getting
The Wealthy To Do Business With You

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From: Mark Satterfield
Pinehurst: North Carolina

Today, , I’m going to share with you

The wealthy are different. They do business with 3 groups of people:

1) Those they know
2) Those who are referred to them by those they know
3) Those that are recognized experts in their field

The marketing approach that works for the masses, simply won’t be effective with the affluent.

Each bi-weekly issue draws from my 30 years of experience developing multi-million dollar affluent marketing campaigns for clients including, Gulfstream Aerospace, Hilton Hotels, A.T. Kearney, Sotheby’s and dozens of other clients who aren’t household names.

Whales Not Minnows shares the “harsh reality” secrets that the wealthy will never share about what it takes to do business with them. It’s the information your most successful competitors in the affluent marketing space hope you’ll never learn.
“Many business owners worry that implementing a marketing system will be too difficult, too complicated, and too expensive. What’s great about Mark’s approach is that it’s practical and easy to implement.. If you want affluent clients you need this.”

—Robert H. Bloom, former U.S. CEO of Publicis Worldwide and author of The New Experts and The Inside Advantage 

“Any advisor would be well served by Mark’s precise-how-to-do-it approach that will get you a lot more new affluent customers and clients.”

—Hubert Humphrey, founder and CEO of Hegemon Group International and 2013 Inductee into The Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

“One of the biggest challenges most businesses are facing is attracting more new clients on a consistent basis. This is huge! It works and every business owner who doesn’t follow his advice is doing themselves (and their business) a disservice.”

—Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of Bloomberg TV’s C-Suite and New York Times bestselling author of Running the Gauntlet

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If you’re not getting the attention of the affluent clients you want, you need to embrace some new-out of the box thinking. That’s what Whales Not Minnows delivers to your inbox every other week.

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Welcome To The World of Whales Not Minnows

“Quite frankly, nobody covers the affluent market this well. Mark gives you insights that are both pragmatic and actionable.” 

- Douglas Abraham- Luxury Real Estate

"If you’re selling high priced (and highly valuable) information Mark’s unique style of writing gets attention, raises curiosity, and compels readers to take action."

- Bob Bly: The Man McGraw Hill calls America’s top copywriter

Here’s just some of what I cover in your bi-weekly video newsletter

  • ​If you want to more wealthy clients you need to know who they are and what motivates them. There’s a right way to approach them and ways that will only get you ignored.
  • You’ll maximize your marketing results when you incorporate a psychological understanding for why the rich are different from…well, those who aren’t.
  • ​Bullet proof strategies for appealing to the tribal nature of the super rich.
  • ​Why digging deeper and developing a profile of your ideal client ensures they “Raise their hands!” and express interest in what you have to offer.
  • ​How to make yourself a fortress of self-confidence that will radiate power and credibility with any wealthy prospect. 
  • ​The first impression you make is largely based on this one thing if you’re a man…and this equally important, yet completely different thing, if you’re a woman. Get this wrong and you’ll be immediately dismissed as a poser.
  • ​Advanced strategies for sophisticated affluent marketers ONLY.
  • Guidance and Information you can trust. What’s really working, and what’s a complete waste of money, time and effort.
  • ​Insider intelligence on how to leverage the interests of the wealthy into tsunami of new clients.
  • ​Reap windfalls new business by reconnecting with networking contacts that have been lost to the sands of time. How to re-engage in a way that’s smart and smooth.
  • Get higher returns on every dollar you spend on marketing, when you follow this one simple principle.
  • ​Diversify your client attraction toolkit by mastering strategies that work. Relying on just one method for new business is a recipe for failure.
  • ​The surprisingly simple method for generating new wealthy clients “at will”.
  • ​Want to magnetically Pull new rich client into your orbit? Here are the 5 strategies to choose from.
“Not only great practical advice and creative thinking, but entertaining as well. I love his style."

- Betsy VanAmen, Luxury Real Estate

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“If your company is seeking a better ROI on its marketing investment, you’ll find Mark’s approach is efficient, measurable, and simple to execute.” 

—Peter Vantine, Marketing Faculty at Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology

“I have followed Mark’s techniques for years. Used them to grow Alsbridge from near zero to over $55m of revenue”.

- Ben Trowbridge

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  • This is FOR YOU if you run a business of any kind, regardless of niche, but you’re tired of cheap clients and want MORE wealthy customers.
  • This is for the entrepreneur who’s done blindly following what others in their niche are doing, and wants creative and innovative ideas for attracting high-net-worth clients.
  • This is NOT FOR YOU if you think that there is one simple thing you can do…some magic email you can send…some list of wealthy prospects you can buy…that will immediately unleash a tsunami of new rich clients. (And seriously, do you know how many times that prospect list has been sold? I do, cause I’m on it.)
  • ​This is also NOT for the “subscriber” who never implements anything. The person who thinks that they’ll be successful by osmosis just because Whales Not Minnows is sitting (unread) in their inbox.
  • ​I want doers…I want subscribers who implement what I discuss in each issue, and then share their successes!

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Can my video newsletter help you with any Social Anxiety you may face when interacting the wealthy?


We all feel uncomfortable at networking events or social gatherings when we don’t know anyone. It can be fear inducing to try to ingratiate yourself into a group that’s already having a conversation.
And worse of all…this fear can prevent you from attending functions where you get to rub shoulders with those you most want to do business with. It becomes supper easy to “blow these off” which just results in a huge missed opportunity.
That’s why I regularly share ideas I’ve received from my clients for coping skills that reduce anxiety and enable you to approach any social situation with total and complete confidence.
If dealing with Social Anxiety is something you struggle with (and really, who hasn’t?)…you’ll appreciate my regular feature on this all important topic.

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